Stop the Bridge!

The federal government's plan to build a $2 billion dollar bridge to connect Québec trucking companies to the 417 is progressing quietly, with little publicity, lots of secrecy and an intentional lack of transparency.  The government's own studies indicate it will not reduce truck traffic downtown on King Edward, supposedly the problem the bridge is supposed to solve.

Of concern to those of us in Orléans, 2 of the 3 proposed routes cut through our community.  The other route, which takes Quebec truck traffic directly to the 417, has been stalled time and time again because the community it would run through has fought hard, we need to do the same!

If the bridge comes to Orléans, we will be able to enjoy such benefits as:

What is happening?

Why is this happening?

The federal government's own studies, though, show that a bridge in the eastern part of Ottawa will not have a significant impact on the downtown truck traffic problems, so they know this bridge won't solve it.  Most trucks will continue to go straight through downtown to get to the 417 versus a massive detour driving east, crossing the river and then driving back west to get to the 417. In a world of climate change concerns, why we'd even want to promote trucks driving long distances for no reason is a mystery. If it were to be used, the extra fuel costs would also be passed on to consumers.

The federal government's own analysis showed that a location further west, connecting Québec to the 417 via a bridge north of the Aviation Parkway, would be significantly more beneficial. However, residents there, including affluent Rockcliffe Park, fought back hard. Now the plan is to come for Orléans instead, hoping that no one here will notice until it is too late.  Some of these Rockcliffe Park residents are even in positions of power within the government, on this project specifically, and will determine where the bridge will go...

Ontario and the City of Ottawa have both come out against this bridge saying it is not necessary, not wanted and is a waste of money.  The current federal government, though, doesn't seem to care about what Ontario or Ottawa wants.

Why isn't the federal government backing away from spending $2 billion on something that won't work? Bridge construction jobs for Québec companies = votes in Québec.

What can you do about it? 

Get informed by reading our site, follow this topic in the news and share links to this site on your social media accounts to make other people aware!  Talk to your neighbours about it!

Make it clear to our Federal MP, Marie-France Lalonde (Liberal for Orléans), that you do NOT support this bridge coming to Orléans and that come the next election, if they go ahead with this, they will not be able to count on the support of Orléans and that we will remember which federal political party ruined our area! Contact Marie-France Lalonde 

This also impacts commute times for Clarence-Rockland...if you're from there, you should contact your Federal MP, Francis Drouin (Liberal for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell). Contact Francis Drouin

You can also let the National Capital Commission (NCC) know of your displeasure by contacting them. This whole thing is supported and pushed hard by them even though they are supposed to be stewards of the Greenbelt and the environment. Ask them for a copy of their full report on the Interprovincial Bridge plan, decision timelines and scheduled public consultations. They've refused to release all of the information to date, more people asking puts more pressure on them!

The department of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is the one responsible for actually getting the bridge built so reach out to the Minister of PSPC (Jean-Yves Duclos) and let him know what you think. You can also read the  mandate letter  (2021 to Minister Tassi) from the Prime Minister giving direction to prioritize building this bridge.

Let Steven Guilbeault, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, know how contradictory his party's positions are, do they want to protect the environment or pave over Green's Creek and the riverfront?

Let your city councillors know what you think, or  Both of them are against this bridge coming to Orléans!

Stay up to date on our web site as well as those of other groups against this bridge!

Community Group site:

Stop the bridge coalition:

And finally, contact us if you want to help! We want to organize opposition to the construction of this bridge. We want to get the message out to all of Orléans ASAP. This means flyers, signage and social media campaigns, as well as contacting municipal, provincial and federal leaders to make our voices heard.