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The National Capital Commission is having a virtual  Board of Directors meeting 


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November 11, 2022: Article in The Orleans Star

October 27, 2022: NCC Annual Meeting Happening Thursday, November 3, 2022 @ 11:00

This is a chance to let the NCC know directly what you think online and in person!  Register on their web site.

October 16, 2022: Pre-Construction Work Begins on the Bridge

Starting earlier this month, a barge conducting geotechnical analysis of the riverbed was seen anchored off of Orleans. The work is to determine what type of foundation requirements are necessary for the new bridge.  The locations shown are where the barge has been sampling and matches the path from the National Capital Commission's (NCC) previous plans for the "Corridor 7" bridge.

Some of those houses on the Gatineau side, pictured above, are going to be bulldozed to make room for the bridge.

October 15, 2022: Government Actively Hiring for Bridge Project

You know the government is serious about doing something when they start staffing up for it.  Once you've hired people, there's no going back, you can't look like you created a big office full of people to do nothing, a bridge will be built somewhere, regardless of need...we just need to make sure it is not in Orleans! The job posting says it all too, the new bridge is a "government mandated priority".  Nice new name for it, "Additional Crossing Project", catchier than "Interprovincial Crossing"?  Notice how they never call it a bridge and even when they do discuss a bridge, use locations that most people will not know such as McLaurin Bay versus "Orleans riverfront", so you don't even look at the newspaper article discussing your neighbourhood!

September 2, 2022: Ottawa Citizen article alerts us to an unpleasant surprise!

As usual, this federal government is attempting to hide all of their activity related to this new bridge.  Only discovered due to the government awarding a contract to a company to do pre-construction analysis of the riverbed.

Don't be lulled in to thinking Orleans is safe when you read about Kettle Island also being part of the sampling. That's the site the government first selected, then the local community in Manor Park and Rockcliffe Park pushed back, so the government is moving on to us.  Two of the three sampling sites are for the bridge being built in Orleans, they only kept the Kettle Island one so no one in Orleans would think this was actually happening while everyone in Manor Park understood it meant they were now safe.